He's home :)

Targa actually did it :) they have replace my faulty computer parts and solved all my problems, even the lousy plastic cover is fixed now, nice :) . The only complaint, apart from the annoying steps I had to take to convince them that the computer WAS really really really really (beyond mere user ignorance) really broken, was that they delivered the computer without previously warning me of a return date. And they were (or maybe it was me who was) lucky, because they decided to deliver the dang thing today, the holiday-day-after, where 50% of Portuguese people are hoping for the sun to allow them some time on the beach :) , and I was lucky enough to be here, at work to receive it :) ... anyhow, it's done, it's home, it's working and I'm happy with Targa :) so super-market computers aren't really that bad ... are they? :).