[Link] Screw you! The psychology of anger and aggression

It's not just the internet of course, you just need a steady supply of news feed, especially repeating the same story days on end, to feel the burn in you. I guess it sells, but there's too much of it, people find fuel for their rage way to easily.

Your life isn't going as you'd hoped and your situation sucks? It can't be your fault; it's those damn women and feminists, ruining society and screwing you over in the process. But thanks to the internet, you now have ample opportunity to get your "revenge".

That's one thing the internet does do well; it provides ample things for us to get angry about that we've power to change or affect, but it does offer us plenty of avenues to displace and vent our aggression and anger at more minor, less significant targets.

Via Brain Flapping @ The Guardian : Screw you! The psychology of anger and aggression