What a character, we've got to take every bit of this with a pinch of salt, but golly, what a character. And he seems to be saying the right things and pointing to the right people, not that knowing what is wrong and who is wrong is the hard part, speaking out is.

“Paolo Cirino Pomicino!” Grillo shouted, citing a representative from Naples. “Corruption and illegal campaign financing—for which he was promoted to the parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission! One day, Cirino Pomicino wrote me a letter, and I called him. He said, ‘Mr. Grillo, you are making a fundamental mistake. You are confusing justice with politics.’ ” (Cirino Pomicino denied that this conversation took place.) Grillo paused. His face took on a look of wide-eyed surprise that gradually sagged into a mask of shock and sadness, then darkened into a scowl of disgust. “And I said to him, ‘Va-fan-culo!’ ”

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