[Link] Drive by criticism must die

We all know it will never really die, people will be people and lazy individuals who run the conversation inside their heads and spit out  size XS sentences from the "Awesome" to "Worst thing ever" in the most arrogant and non-informative fashion, but the speed that people think they impose on their own thoughts leads to , well, idiocy and essentially zero information exchange, plus, if you do value other people's opinion (and pretty soon you'll put less value into them, which is sad for everyone), hearing enough of this things might just get to you, and that is also sad. Anyway, Christian said it better, do read:

Of course we all said terrible things in heated discussions and prematurely dismissed things, but in the end there was agreement – there was a feeling of having to communicate to become known and get to know people closer that you can learn from.

Enter social media and a 140 character throw-away, realtime web feed fast world of who says the most outrageous thing and “is awesome”. The pace of social media and its fragmentation (do you post on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, GitHub, your blog, JSFiddle, JSBin or where?) is a breakneck environment and it leads to people acting – possibly unconsciously – like complete sociopaths.

Link : Drive by criticism must die by Christian Heilmann