Boom, Amazing, get some decent volume on your Mac

What is it you do on the "world's most advanced desktop operating system that just got even better" when you can't hear a freaking thing on netflix because the sound coming out of your premium speakers on your premium computer is so low you need caption (or yeah, external speakers or headphones - none of which were an option) ? You spend some more money of course, on software, in this case

Boom - Mac volume booster and system-wide equalizer

The fact that an app has "Mac volume booster" on its name tag speaks, erm, volumes, but hey, it won awards (sic). Boom for Mac

So for 5,99€ I fixed my problem (sic) and got an equalizer, it's most definitely 5,99€ I wish I didn't have to spend, but since a search showed that this has been an issue since 2007 (at least) and no simple-let's-just-not-recompile-the-kernel solution (warning: Exaggeration might be present), I'm going to go ahead and recommend this piece of software, it should never be needed, but it works.