Doesn't get any more Sirius than this

[caption id="attachment_38357" align="aligncenter" width="670" caption="Sleg-dogs by Fritz Hoffmann"][/caption]

I was reading the National Geographic magazine and was blown away with this. If you think your job is though,meet the Sirius Sledge Patrol, a 14 member elite division of the Danish Navy, these guys maintain and patrols the arctic regions of Greenland. They work with two man teams and some patrols take as long as 4 months - 4 months in the middle of the Arctic wilderness, alone with a team mate - and they take dogsleds, because using mechanical devices in the middle of absolutely nowhere for thousands of kilometers is a recipe for, well given the conditions, death, dogs don't need spare parts and fuel can be found along the way.

IF you want to join the team, you must be a member of the Danish Navy, have an age between 20-30 years and run a 6 month intensive course basically teaching you how to survive the end of the human race and then some, if you manage to get to the end of the course, maybe you'll get picked for the team, maybe not.

Be sure to read the NG article, it's an eye opener :)