Long time no write ..

It's not that I was once a writing waterfall, far from it, but the years have been rough on me, and as the roughness endures ( and I get used to it, not that there's any low limit for roughness but still .. ) I feel, with growing intensity, that my thoughts when contained become more and more cryptic, even for myself, and that the not-so-simple act of taking what's inside this egg shell of a cranium and normalizing the data for transmission is in fact helpful, because I'm forced to organize the thoughts, get some external, validating data, make some explicit relationships between groups of thoughts and generally WRITE IT DOWN in less space than two volumes of the Encyclopedia Galactica (but with infinite less information) IS A GOOD THING (tm) FOR ME TO LEARN AND PRACTICE .

Anyway, my climb out of the hole continues and loose rocks continue to fall on me, forcing me to yet another change in course, so the roughness continues, but my need to bring my brain down to earth and make it more ... productive, is increasing exponentially, it's been 14 months since Child #2 came to be, and the time to do this is now.

This is also a post for myself, the information contained herein is close to non-existent, but it's 2012, it's time I have a blog, if you're out there, thank you for being, don't shy yourself out of pushing or kicking me in the back of my head, and let's get this A.D.D. thing under control and see what kind of a human I am capable of being after all.

Onward, to business, life and community success and/or a big ball of fire :)