On Snobs and ironic maters ..

On Jeffrey Zeldman's Off My lawn! post you'll find this:

It is publishing. It is humanity. It is the vanguard of ideas clashing against the rearguard of commerce. This is not new. This is all to be expected. We must stop raising our eyebrows and chuckling at it. We must decide to accept the world as it is, or to roll up our sleeves and help.

I've disengaged my Irony Filter on this one and I might be looking at a intent that isn't there, but read the full article, the wider subject / behavior is something that has constantly made my skin crawl, my nails fall and my teeth shatter. I hate snobbishness, I hate pretentious people who are to good to actually do some work, but are perfectly capable of skimming through the result of weeks of hard work and, holding their nose up high, diminish it via accessory comments that orbit the important matter as if they were Pluto orbiting the sun (yeah yeah, pretty snob myself here ;) ), unable however to produce any better themselves, let alone help instead of bashing ... but anyway, I digress at my own black bile, I let a better man say it :)