The Kitchen Tales #1 - Chickpea, Indian Style (they tell me)

So, I've been trying to get of some personal holes / habits I had (or still have, inertia applies to any sort of movement change), one of the ongoing issues is my apply-anywhere procrastination, I entertain ideas, a lot of them, but I never give the Real Life Out of Brain step to do anything about them. This has been happening for too long, way too long, and while have no illusions bad habits die hard, it's something I actively dislike and am trying to fix - like blogging more often :) .

Having said this, cooking, I love food, it's something I extract pleasure from, so having some independence over it's manufacturing process was a logical step forward, so I went in search of a non habitual recipe that was easy enough for an utter amateur - no amount of general knowledge or tv shows viewed can change that. Looking at the available in-house food, something with chickpeas and curry seemed obvious so a recipe was discovered and the manufacturing process carried out. A non perfect dish was produced - looks good but the taste was flatter than expected - bellies were filled and a couple of humans were made happy :) - it's something I intend to repeat, eating is part of life so it's a natural task, it's not revolutionary but it puts me in a track, heck, I even reorganized the kitchen - producing mix feelings in the household female counterpart :)

Anyway, I recommend both the recipe and the process, kitchen work is very life like, you need to organize yourself, you need prepare ingredients, chop them up, line them in order of appearance, and when that non stressful procedure is done, you ignite the fire and you enter a real-time / you can't miss this or all is lost stage, and it's stressing and invigorating, and while it isn't dangerous, you do put your meal at risk - we had sausages standing by, just in case :) - and it's .. interesting :)

As for the recipe, check it here, it's in Portuguese but it's not like that should stop anyone :) . Follow this space, there will be more :)