Quick Update to PHotoimPorter

So, you all know PHotoimPorter right? The little PHP script I use to move the files away from my camera cards and into the mass storage, while organizing files into a Maker / Model / Date folder scheme.

Anyway,for a while I was depending on Exifer to extract the information out of the files and it was enough for the image files I used ("old" Canon RAW files and JPG's) but recently I used a Canon 30D for a day and those pesky CR2 files where confusing Exifer (who is mostly dead for a few years from what I gather) . So I had to drag my all to lazy ass around and look for alternatives and, sure enough, Core PHP has our back with the Exif module. "Yay" I said, and so I calculated the shortest path to get it running instead of Exifer, did it, tried it, loved it, commited it, pushed it and now I blog about it :)

My next trick is two fold:

  1. I need a serious refactoring to the information gathering process, I'm doing it upfront leaving the copying for later, and that obviously has some issues - like over usage of memory for large file sets.
  2. Let the user choose the folder scheme you want, I'll have a look at what interesting Exif information I can expose and let you configure things for yourself


"Yay" I said a second time - and promptly published the post and exited the room.