Project "Prove" - Take #2

Eat your Greens

Today we went to get our "Projecto Prove" basket for the second time, when we first sign up we weren't sure what to expect so we asked for bi-weekly deliveries so we could get our bearings first, but right after we got home and drilled down the basket ... we immediatly changed it to Weekly deliveries :) , and who knows, we might double the dosage :)

We're falling deeper and deeper in-love with this, the flavor is unlike the groceries we get at the supermarket (we're city folk, supermarkets is our "standard") and I truly believe this to be an excellent opportunity both for consumers - who get fresher, local products - and for producers who can sell outside the big market, no doubt driven by the supermarkets who set the prices, quantities and only accept products that follow certain metrics (not necessarily related to quality), so in posting - even if in Bad English (tm) - I hope or try to push the information for anyone wanting to try this out :)

So, here's today's contents:

Apples 0,520 kg
Pumpkin 0,760 kg
Courgette 0,560 kg
Tomato 0,510 kg
Onions 0,550 kg
Carrots 0,510 kg
Green Bell Pepper 0,260 kg
Parsley 0,060 kg
Grapes 1,010 kg
Potatoes 0,480 kg
Sweet Potato 0,180 kg
Turnip 0,230 kg
Leek 0,500 kg
Cabbage 0,630 kg
Spinach 0,450 kg
Lemon 0,170 kg
Tangerine 0,580 kg
7,960 KG

So, next week, will you join us? :) There's good coffee there, leave a comment ;)