Project "Prove" - Buying local

A while ago Josien Kapma and Pedro Custódio reminded me of this project and today we went to get our first Basket from the "Prove" (from the Portuguese "Promover e Vender" - to Promote and Sell) project . The project is a EQUAL funded project aimed at bridging the gap between small producers and consumers. The project is spread to 8 areas and seems to be expanding, which bodes well :)

Project Prove - Baskets

The way it works is this: you log on to the Prove Order Website, fill out your data and choose where you would like to receive your basket. You then choose the weight of the basket - some regions only have on option, other have more and you're presented with a list of possible products that you'll receive - mind you, this is not Farmville, the crops vary throughout the year - and choose up to 5 items you don't want to receive. The contents, weight and price of the basket may vary because each region (or center) negotiates with the local producers. Finally you choose the day and place - each region may offer various options - where you'll pick up and pay for the basket and the periodicity - weekly or bi-weekly, and you're done :) . Baskets are made up from available products, excluding the products you choose not to receive - and are picked up on the day of delivery. You get to meet the producers, which are available to explain the products, give you tips, recipes or general chit chat :) .

"Prove" Baskets #2

We picked up our basket at the "Espaço Fortuna" - which I didn't know at all, but we're glad we do now :) and this is what 10€ bought us - translated to the best of my knowledge and available tools :)

Apples 1,060 kg
Wild cabbage 0,430 kg
Lettuce 0,380 kg
Pumpkin 0,590 kg
Courgette 0,630 kg
Tomato 0,540 kg
Onions 0,590 kg
Carrots 0,490 kg
Green Bell Pepper 0,150 kg
Parsley 0,030 kg
Coriander 0,080 kg
Grapes 1,050 kg
Potatoes 0,490 kg
Peaches 0,670 kg
Lemon 0,080 kg
6,360 KG

We'll definitely repeat the experience, we had initially asked for a bi-weekly delivery but changed it now to weekly (you can change the order on the website) and decided to get Lettuce out of the picture, so next week we'll be picking up our basket once more :) , care to join us and have some coffee there ? :)