Foreword to a new cycle

I've been going through a lot of personal life phases lately, for a long long time, in fact, I'm writing this post on the first vacation time I had for some 5 years - I've been to the Algarve, but I did my 10h work day either way, so that's hardly ... anything. My kid is almost 5 and we're having a second one in late November (a second boy, boy oh boy :) ), I've had an incredibly - if such a word is adequate -  busy and roller-coaster type of life and yet I have little to show for, if you don't take into to account the problems and challenges I had to (and still) face and this has also reflected itself on my online presence .

I've grown anxious, I hid myself for a while (outside of the problem scope, in that regard I believe in a in-your-face approach), depended and looked for low depth interactions on quick mediums - Twitter is my absolutely favorite and more "prolific" online presence, I neglected my blog, trying to feed it by purely online presence and activity (and having the occasional debacle with certain Lifestream + Twitter plugins) instead of taking care of it myself and it shows, both on the blog and on my attitude.

I want to tell my tale, and I will eventually talk about it, but I'm still in the middle of it and it's the sort of thing that "entrepreneurs" sometimes go through - completely outside the glamor, fame and fortune that you might take for granted . Despite my shyness and silent mood, a few close - and not so close - friends recognized the general situation and helped me and my family in whatever ways they could, I am a richer person for having them and to them I'm grateful.

The fact that I'm back here now and that I start to acknowledge these ... character and life problems is part of a roadmap I'm trying to build and follow, my life from 2007 to 2009 have been almost 100% based on problems, large scale non-health-but-scary-as-such ones, and while they are not entirely resolved, they have been addressed and put into a more manageable state, so now is the time for me to take care of myself and pick up the pieces again .. and at 31 :) - no longer will I be able to be a young millionaire like the Ad said :) but I'll keep at it, if anything because I absolutely love what I do and because I absolutely love life :) - even if only know I'm acknowledging it.