The Test Series - AS3 Drawing API

This is cross-posted with Docta | Process blog ;)

For a particular project we had to brush up a bit on the ActionScript 3 Drawing API (Flash 10). We needed to provide a sort of whiteboard where people could draw up vectors and save the metadata to XML for later use and also so we could process either PDF or some large scale images . We struggled a bit with performance and had to change the approach a couple of times settling, at some point Flash 10 was coming out and we took advantage of the new Vectors and Drawing API changes, we also had to work up the math / geometry equations so the vectors could be deleted / split using an Eraser tool .

All went fine, we delivered the project, gained some experience and now we leave you with a in-between experiment so you can have some fun (or not :) ) . Draw away to your hear content, let the randomness help you and when you're happy press our logo, save the snapshot and SHARE IT with us :)

If your reading via an RSS tool you might not see the Flash app, but it's easy enough to follow the link to the post , so go ahead ;)

You need Flash 10 Player , sorry :) . Yes, if you use the Debugger Version you might see some weird stuff ;)