Waking up again ...

February 22nd ... that was my last post - not that virtual life ended there of course, plenty was said over time witnessed by different platforms, condenced by FriendFeed . A lot things happened since then, life for the most part got worse and the last months have been a struggle and will continue to be for quite a while ... but that's life , if I wanted stability ... errrr ... I would work for someone else?  Who knows , but that's besides the point, point is life is happening, my son is great (apart for last weeks fever thingy) , my wife is great as is the rest of the family.

Having a blog , or a place of my own, back was a goal I had, of course being who I am I have millions great fantastic world-changing ideas for the RagingNexus and, of course being who I am, all these will still be thoughts for a while (of forever even ;) ) , so I decided to start with plain WordPress, get a theme in, salvage my old database and actually have something working :) . And this is what I have, and now, I have something I can use and improve .... a life will happen :)

:) feels good ..