2 Months Latter

Wow, life is going fast, really fast, I lack the man power, I go out to get people, I have more people, I need more money to pay them :) so we work harder .... and we're back at square one ... ahhhh life in the always_short_on_money track . I've got some good projects with ridiculously low budgets, but I also have good projects with decent budgets, we've got a ton of ideas, we've got a ton of projects, we're engaging with interesting people, we're trying to be cutting edge and perfect but we must also be on time (ah) and we mustn't let people down and _time_ just rushes by :) .

My family holds on with promises of gold, silver and time of (ahhh how I fool them :) ), my partners, my friends, my colleagues are more and more my family and I like it :) but time rushes and perfection takes time, and we're not always sure of the path we're taking, and we have to make turns and corrections mid air, and undo stuff we did and take some roads we previously marked as no-way-streets, and swallow pride (ah) and be proud to the point of arrogance (that's how sure we are of our selfs ;) ) and bloody survive to pay VAT and Income Tax and whatever we're required to pay, and still come out smiling ..................... and <insert_Anthropomorphic_personification_here> (preferably from here) I love this, it's hard, insecure, troublesome, conflictive, emotional, finance/live threatening and ... errrrrrrr ... great :D , because that's how life is, and that's what you get when you want to follow your own path, your own ideas and errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr there's always hope it might pay off ... someday :D

In other words, yay for entrepreneurship :D