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Poderosa Terminal Emulator

Poderosa Terminal Emulator - Screenshot So, I'm a Windows User (don't sue me, I had too many bills to pay this month already :D ) but I like terminals, they're safe and verbose and everything, and the "Command Prompt" is not the most powerful shell in the world (not that I would need it anyway), and sometimes I do need to Telnet/SSH some routers or some Linux boxes or whatever, so I went and found Poderosa . It's pretty simple stuff, allows you to Telnet/SSH and get a Cygwin session, it's tabbed, you can customize stuff around, it does what it's supposed to do and that's just fine by me.

So, if you're a Windows guy (or Windows User By Force) and you need it .. hey, give it a try ;) .. or comment on something better ;)