Oh, Wii've been cavorting alright :)

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Oh, the fun of it all :D . I really don't care about not having the XBox 360's Gears of War on the Wii, or whatever the PS3 will have (if and when :D ), those are all manly and serious and whatnot, but this is something else, this is fun, this has potential, this has all the ingredients for even more, all-round fun, and I'm very happy with mine since Friday :D , oh yes. I actually bought two, one for me and one for a friend, but the friend's unit did a not uncommon BSoD on me, so he (the friend) ended up giving up on it and went to buy it somewhere else. I will now either get the money back or pass it to some other friend (who this way could have on reserved) :D , or I'll keep it .. it'll probably be twice the fun ? No ?? Ohh well :D Anywho, Wii Sports is pure fun, Zelda is Zelda (I'm, as usual [Oh I hate thee FFXI] stuck with the fishing part, but I'll get better :D ) . The available channels (Mii, Photo and the Nintendo Shop) are cool and fun, the messaging system works nicely (although the time it takes for a message to travel the distance makes us think this is prev-gen Internet) and I can't wait for more channels to pop up (also, I can't wait to be able to register all my stuff on Nintendo.com, Nintendo, please get that Privacy Policy across all countries ) . Hummmmmmm now, some more controllers are in order, perhaps Rayman too and then we'll see how thing develop, this is, on all accounts, the beginning of it all and the next weeks/months will either make it or break it in terms of long term future, but I'm sure Nintendo knows this very very well (GC anyone? :D) .Ahhh, yes, my DS is also on it's toes to start interacting with it's youngest brother, so I hope Nintendo hurries up with things .. whatever they are (besides Pokemon that is) :D . Anywho, anyone else in PTland got theirs? Are you happy with it, are all your Mii's happy to live in your living room ? Trackback or comment ;) please

Finally ... I gotta get Ethereal on this :D , ups , can't .. but I must ... just a sneak peak hey? :D