Slow Blogging or Welcome to our Monthly installment of this exciting blog (Marketing Dep. Version)

Catch me if you can
The snail is ahead ... sad sad :)

Next I'll blog it will be Xmas, I bet :D . In the meanwhile, with my daily Setúbal -> Lisbon commute, one of my working places (yes, one of the three :D ) having the most terrible internet access since the fine days of 9800bps dial-up connections, having to be the Team Manager and the Programmer (and everything else) ...ohh yes, and actually having a family (my kid's 10 months now, yeah ;) ) , I find that blogging is the least of my worries :D , but I still miss it, hence ... I still try to do it :D . Anywho, this is what I find useful to say right now :

  • I still love PHP and, I know, version 5.2.0 has left the building long ago, but check out the new things (update: check it here). The Dreamhost people (me likes DreamHost) are going to take their time to upgrade to 5.2.0, but I'm crossing my fingers for a quick deployment ;) . Uhhhh, new classes are cool ( $ php --rc DateTime )
  • XDebug is another helpful little bugger, together with KcacheGrind (Win or not) I am a happier man
  • URL Routing (it is but a name) is cool, Front Page Controllers are cool, even my own interpretation of both of them is probably cool ... at least I like it thank you very much :D , and yes, PHP is cool too because I could use it to implement it (now I have 1/100 RoR Magic , uhhhh aren't I a cool cat ... don't answer that)
  • Keeping one self DRY is cool.
  • Carlito is, obviously ... cool, but that's besides the point

Now, all of those points are currently revolving around the work I'm doing and the projects I'm designing (yes, reinventing the wheel every step of the way :D ) . I should develop them a bit on this blog, to share the experience, but I'm having trouble keeping Blko's internal wiki up to date with what goes on in my head, so I'll let thing actually WORK before writing lots and lots of buggery reports :D . I am however available to discuss anything with anyone .. and that's a bold statement or my name isn't Songo ... which it isn't by the way :D

Leasure Time - Because it is out there .. somewhere

  • I've updated my car's Nav Mk3 without killing it (the car I mean), thank you Bruno :D :D
  • Setubal's finest, ok , craziest, are organizing YetAnotherSetubalNowEvent (YASNE - doesn't that sound lovely?), this time it's a BlogWalk, check out more info in Cetobriga and Phronesis (pt-pt only) and if you're a cool Setúbal dude (or dudete) come and join us :D
  • Flickr + Google Earth = Coolness
  • DashDAQ (get your car running Linux ;) ) is also in the cool list (and works with I-Bus I guess ;)) [via Flávio ;)]
  • This (The Future of Web Apps) will most likely be very cool, it's been too long since EuroOscon, it will be the perfect comeback ;)
  • My friend Pedro is working his way to professionalism, that's cool
  • Helena is well on her way :D (hope to be there Thursday evening for the big presentation :) )
  • Ohhh Pedro and his bad ideas :D (Storm Tropper Santa anyone?)

And hell, it's a bigger post than the regular stuff, but still has a lot of bullet points :D ... one day, I'll write a full paragraph :D . Until then, see you :D