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Moving light #0001

It just means you can't create an instance of this post, and that I had no better name for it :) . Also, here are a couple of notes :

  • I ended my own GPS dilemma (ohh the big issues of life) by buying the Amaryllo Trip Tracker. The hands-on result ? Two thumbs up, it works just fine :) . I should buy the arm strap because down-in -your-pocket or in-the-deeps-of-your-backpack signal reception is not that great (my own ignorance is to blame here :) . The USB connection is easy peasy, I haven't tried it outside the Windows(tm) world, so I can't really say, but the log files are easy to parse, and as soon as time/patience permits, I'll update my photoOrganizer script to add the GPS tags to the exif ones (also I'll try PEL over Exifer to see how things go)
  • I've killed my FFXI Alter Ego. Last words? There should be a FreeTimerpaga scroll so that I could play for more than 1 hour per month, else you'll never stop being a L20 WAR/MNK, but you still get to pay the monthly fee ... thank you, but not interested :D