Collective intelligence, I call upon thee

Ah, it seems like my last post was just yesterday when in fact is was 129 days ago, funny thing that :D . Anyway, I've been .. rather busy, without the right set of motivation premises one requires to give one's blog the attention it ... needs , but hey, we run the blogs they don't run us (did I get that one right?) , and so I return to posting heaven to ask you, the casual visitor that by some fortunate (for me) event ended up reading this, for a little bit of you hard gained Knowledge (> 10 INT) and Experience (> 10 EXP) to assist me on a particular issue.

I need want a portable, no screen, no nothing, GPS unit that I can put in my pocket and forget it ever exists until such time as a lovely pc comes around and I want to see where was I all day (yes wife of mine, instead of just saying "errrrrrrrr, I've been around, like, you know", I can show you exactly where around is on g-earth :D) , and I want to do that thing we all want to do, yes, lazy-man's photo geotagging heaven. So, having said this, I search around, saw an USB pen like thingy that cost $250, didn't like it, and then I saw the very interesting Wintec WBT-100 GPS receiver and I just fell for it :D .

NOW, if I were to live in the USA, I would be a very happy person because I would have found the device I wanted and I could get it for a very interesting price and there would be much rejoicing, BUT alas, I live in Portugal and the rejoicing over such matters is harder to come by ... much much harder (I won't speak of Wii issues right now ;) ) , and this, is where I need your help ... HELP :D , I really need want a device such as this one, and I really don't want need to pay twice that much just for having it delivered from the US, so, GPS gurus out there (in Europe) :D , do you know where I could buy this or do you know any other device that serves the same purpose as the WBT-100 (or 200) ?? :D

Let there be Collective Intelligence , thank you all :D

Update:  I sent an email to these guys (LojaGPS) and while they don't sell the Wintec, they do sell the Amaryllo Trip Tracker, and it does seem interesting ... anyone had bad experiences with this one?