Ach, crivens! A Wii thing that dinnae need ta be

By now this is, indeed, old news, but the E3 has been nothing but ... thrilling:) . Just like a WWE match, or your regular Soap Opera, we've witnessed Sony becoming Microsoft (read: Look at this incredible INOVATION we have here and please don't mind the price, we can get you a crippled unit for a special discount), Nintendo becoming Apple (read: uhhh, we're white and sexy) and Microsoft becoming errrrrrr sort of quiet (read: we're here, buy a XBox, thank you).

Disclaimer: I'm not following little thing coming out from E3, I'm keeping up with headlines and some random opinions, so don't trust me :) .. anyhoo, I'me sort of biased towards Nintendo since my first Game Boy

In the end, no one can wiin ;) because of a controller, it will all go down to, what games you want to play. Are you a GTA, GT4 (or whatever), God of War, <insert big graphics, big violence, big everything title here>, or are you a Mario, Wario, Yoshi, Puzzles, WhatEver (and the great looking Red Steel ;) ) kind of human? That's where the final decision will come from, and lately, (and I own an XBox 0ยบ :) ), I feel myself getting drawn to the whole Nintendo universe again (thank you Nintendo DS) , so Wii ... I've got your number baby ;)

More reasons below: