Minor ... minorities

Ahhh, the joys of fatherhood... all of them extremely overrated :) , here are a couple of tiny little things :

  • Spacecraft, heal thyself (via ESA mailing list) . Nice trick, life has so much to teach, but a decade away ? Regular humans can't cope with Space Speed (i.e. dead slow :) )
  • EuroOscon 2006 is on it's way, this time in Brussels :) how uncool, but how tempting to be there again ... let's see if the little human will allow me to go :) ... I'm guessing .. no
  • via ... something or the other, Web 2.0 Apps list .. good to keep track of things, one guesses .

And finally, our moment of Zen and a common urban myth unbusted ...

Unix Saves Lives

Unix saves lives - A real example