HumanOS 1.0

Haaaaaaaaaa the joys of development, me and the wife went biological and got ourself a weird gadget ... a baby ..

Development stages

Well, this has not been a clean operation (pun not intended ... or is it ;) ) , but this is by far the most successful development project I've made so far. The initial stage was all fun and games, and we then went to a quieter time where
nothing really happened and all was well, because mostly ... our work was done :) . We then started the test runs to see how the self replicating algorithms where going, kept with the milestones, took a couple of screenshots from time to time, and we could see the way information turned, slowly, into structure. We had a couple of scares, but all on the theoretical plane, so no worries there :)

Deployment stage

We set a deployment date, and the production team went to the deployment site with the usual dose of nerves and doubts that all beta stage bugs had been crushed indeed. We were counting on going live before lunch time, but we encountered some rather painful problems and a late driver incompatibility, which meant that we had to scrub deployment plan A and move on, quite quickly I dare say, to plan B. One always want perfect starts, and we were a bit let down with the failure of plan A, but it was clear that we had to move on with the deployment and Plan B just went on to work perfectly. We have now adjusted our plans for future development to take this new information into account, and possibly prioritize plan B into plan A ... we'll still have to think about this one, in the future, that is :)

Post deployment, and early feel

Well, we sort of had the knowledge that post-deployment would be long and painful, in a different way, from the deployment itself, and we haven't been let down so far (hence the long period of quiet time on the blog front). Our helpdesk and developer teams have been running in triple shifts, with 2/3 hour sleep periods (with luck of course :) ), but we're pretty pleased with version 1.0 so far, and we have no regrets with the features we shipped it with.

The future

Well, due to the nature of the product, all the underlying core logic code has been deployed and we have no chance of applying patches or new features, on the other hand, we have complete confidence on the evolutionary algorithms we've put it, and also on the quality and ability of the hardware to evolve, but time will tell. We'll be running more tests to verify the state of the release and there are small switches that we can toggle to trigger some evolutionary and adaptation steps, so we're very confident on the matter :) .

Now, we've been thinking about the name of this release, and with Vista, Tiger, Leopard and other stupid names already taken, we are going to go with plain old Afonso (no, iAfonso is not an option) and see how it goes, I'm sure plenty of peer review will be available in future years :) .

Now, the team is resting, gathering energies to maintain what I would call a major release (even if it didn't had a keynote presentation), so blog activity might continue to be low for the time being. Anyway, we're on a "Don't panic" state of mind, and I'm so glad I'm still a long way from 43 ;)

Cheers everyone