EuroOscon: Evening Extravaganza

Brilliant way to end the night (although I wish I could have played a bit of werewolf :D ) . First of we had The State of the Onion 9.5 (rather 9.3 ;) ) from mister Perl himself where there topics ranged from A to Z (literally ;) ), that was followed by what I'm calling, mister presentation himself (and obvious Perl fan, the way these lobbies work, shame shame :D ) Damian Conway about "Dead Languages", where we got to the point of developing a Perl based language IN LATIN ... crazy crazy stuff, but have to love Lara Croft ;) , brilliant :D

Now .. to make up my mind about what to attend tomorrow ... we'll be definitly be supporting mr. José Castro, I know there's only 5 of us (portuguese) but it's better than nothing :D