I'm off to EuroOscon, I got to go on ... :p

All of the sudden it's "go go go by the way you're sort of late and incidently you forgot your mobile pitty it's such a nice mobile but hey that's life innit" ... uffff ... sort of time, work has been chaotic ... work seems to do that when vacat... self improvement time is near :) , but I'm nearing T-0 to my flight to Amsterdam . I still haven't made up my mind on what sessions to attend but I'm sure something will come up, a lot of P Languages and stuff :) . I wish I knew if more portuguese people are going, but I simply don't, so I guess I'll find out when I'm there :D.

I hope to have a decent towards excelent Internet connection :D so that I migth report on EuroOscon 2005

uh uh , just had to post this, if Snake was portuguese we would see him for president, I'm sure ;) -- CTRL + ALT + DEL