Development Enviroment : Version Control (baby step :) )

Well, I'm currently building up a more proper development environment for my company (the site is completely broken, very lame :( soon to be fixed ) and for myself :D, and one part of the infra-structure has to be Version Control. With a lot of limitations, I had a previous experience with CVS (the page is moving .. trouble in the CVS camp?) and this time I wanted to improve a bit and check what was out there :) . I had been trying out SubVersion and enjoyed it as it was very similar to CVS but had a new set of wheels on file and directory moving operations, but still I went in search of other products. I came to the Version Control System Comparison page and surfed it a bit.

Again, SubVersion seemed to sort of pop himself up, but so did SVK (SVN on perl steroids or so it seems), and dispite the considerably worse documentation and information I decided to go with it :D . I'm running Windows so the binaries were fine :D , but I still needed to put WebDav into it for remote (hopefully behind Firewall) access, so I turned to SVN documentation on that. Now, to get it working I just got the Apache Modules and a couple of DLL's from the SVN distribution and with little effort things seem to work, but I have to test things, I'm sort of scared of the svn client breaking the Depots ... anyone had this sort of experience, drop a line on how you use SVK for remote (non SSH) access :) .