EuroOscon 2005

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It's damn right official now :) , I've booked everything, the flight, the Hotel and the Conference

:) . It's the Geek/IT/Professional highlight of this year for me and I'm hoping it will give me some sort of boost for this incredible lack of motivation I'm having, cause I'm sure not getting that from work itself :), after all, money's just one part of the equation :).

So me and my partner are of to The Netherlands for networking, brainstorms, a bag of free pens and miscellaneous gifts and a bag full of ideas and motivation. Until then I hope to perform some core changes to this blog, move out of this address (or at least split this blog up) and do something, but from the moods I've been having lately it's not so unlikely that NOTHING will actually happen ... oh well :) .

Now, if you, yes you Portuguese geek, are traveling to EuroOscon this year, DROP ME A LINE at ( dramalho (at) blackorange (justonedotplease:)) pt ) or leave a comment or trackback here :D