Mole .... skin


Well heck I love to have new notebooks to write in and to delude myself that this will be the ultimate project notebook, so I was having a quicky-moving lunch and I ended up in Almedina, and I ended up buying the most fashionable notebook they had :D, the Moleskine (the Sketchbook 5000) ... the cons? Well, two actually :

  • It has a hardcover, so I can beat myself up more often
  • It has a nice bookmark feature, so I can stop using all those Free Postcards I used to .. use :)

I also bought a couple of Lisbon postcards, all because of the by now famous Postcrossing project (via Mr.Pedro), and also because I'm having a really hard time finding postcards of Setúbal that don't suck ... too much :)

Update: Another con is that I can now beat up anyone who tries to call me Vivi ... thank you Flávio for that :)