Audio Stuff

Having returned from my small-mini-I'm-so-compensating-for-not-going-to-Reboot-vacations at Odeceixe, I started gathering information on what actually happened there. For that I started by tuning in to the Portuguese Trio (Pedro, André and Melo ) in search of news & information, and my worst fears were confirmed ... it kicked ass :), and so, just to ease my brain, even if I am an expecting father :) and even if I know responsability is a many-letter-word :) I signed up for details on Reboot8 (using the email address ), and I can sleep at night knowing that next year everything will happen again :D .

Anyway, as I found stuff about Reboot, I was taken (again) to this wonderful mega-site named The Internet Archive which is pretty cool and pretty CreativeCommons friendly and has many many interesting things, some of which I will speak in a paragraph of two :) . About Reboot thought, they have this "Reboot 7.0 Hall A speakers saturday", which is basically 450mb of talks :D ... sweet, can't wait to get home and stuff all this ... stuff on my little Zen friend :)

Again, anyway :D, since I was at the subject of audio stuff and The Internet Archive site I found the Berkeley Groks Science Show which is a radio show about Science and Technology made by these guys. I've downloaded a few editions, and it is actually a pretty nice show where they talk for 30 minutes, with some weird music cuts :) in between, about all sorts of science stuff, and provides some nice informational entertainment .... it intrigued me so, that I went in search of other sources of Audio stuff, found Podcast and am actually considering grabbing a PodcastAggregator and Zenify myself with people talking. I know, this has been here for ages, but hey, is it more important to be the first or just to be? ... I'm glad I found this now :), where I work I'm lacking stimulation, interesting projects and most of all, tech-geeks to talk to and discuss ideas, so actually hearing (not just reading) other geek-a-like people may help get out of this stupidity field I seem to be crossing ... then again, I might just get bored :| ... only time will podcast, errrrr, say :)