Michael Moore - Downsize this

... With so much hatred of our poor here at home , sooner or later, I guess, that sentiment was bound to spill over on the pagan babies overseas. According to the latest polls, most of us - 80 percent - think that we're carrying the rest of the world on our shoulders. So it came as a surprise to me to discover that the United States is last among industrialized nations in the amount of foreign aid we distribuite per capita.

It turns out that Saudi Arabia is the leading humanitarian country in the world, giving more of its GNP to foreign aid - over $5 billion a year! - than any other nation. After Saudi Arabia come Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands. Countries like Portugal and Luxembourg give twice as much as the United States. In total numbers of dolars, Japan ranks first.

In short, the United States gives less than one half of one percent of out $1.6 trillion budget to foreign aid.But take heart, Americans - we are still number on in providing military aid to developing countries.

Nice ....