Home made energy

A few links I've picked up:

Granted, not everyone has a river in their garden :), but these are a few examples of what some people could be doing right now. This is a subject that I find very interesting, and this article (Wired 9.07: The Energy Web), and it's something I don't have much knowledge of, but I feel that even people like myself, who live in apartments, could (and should) find ways to generate power (as much as one could) and I have a small notion of how hard this is, but not enough of it to find it impossible :) ... blessed are the ignorant some say :) . What I ask here, and this is a blog so the structure isn't exactly made for this sort of interaction, is to give me your thoughts about this, your ideas if you wish, and maybe actually try something that actually works and share it with more people ... or perhaps just a quick line saying "go to school and learn why that's just a stupid idea ... you dumb person you" :)