The [big] news ...

It has been quite a while since my last post but .. a lot of things have been happening and work has been taking it's not so gentle toll, so I've been out of it ... this ... the blog I mean :) . ANYWAY, the world didn't stop revolving and things didn't stop happening, and despite one not so great news, I've got a GREAT one :) ... wanna know more, press the link, I DARE YOU, I DOUBLE DARE YOU :)

Haaa ... you dared, damn you :), but since you're here I'll tell you everything. First of all, I, who wanted to go to Reboot but chose otherwise, have now felt the hand of fate press the wrong button and WILL NOT be going to London for four (4) days on account of .... a great number of other people actually going :( , meaning there is NO PLANE FOR ME (which is more os less like having NO SOUP FOR ME ... but not quite) ... this is of course very sad for me and, in an attempt to make things up for myself and the rest of the party, we have found an alternative, we have found the one place that could rival with Copenhagen and London, the one place where we wouldn't feel let down, the one place where we could make peace with not going to London, the one place where we knew everything would be alright ... and that place HAD to Odeceixe, Alentejo :| ... obviously, a great deal of humour is required to actually make sense of the previous statement :). So why, why should we be happy about this? Well, because the next bit of news gave us one excelent reason for us to cope with the London Travel failure :) and the reason is ... money ;)

So why should we need money, is it because there's a new XBox in town, or perhaps the new PlayStation 3, no, the thing is, diapers don't come CHEAP :) and no, I'm not losing control over my bodly functions :) I'M AN EXPECTING FATHER ... if there is such a thing :) , there should be, no reason why one can't be an expecting father, that's what we ... future father do .. we except :), so do the mothers mind you, but they have more options, like throwing up, having crazy dreams about eating raw fish with chocolate ice-cream and butter, growing tremendously and so forth :) .

Haaaaa, I'm happy, my life plan is falling into order, now all I need to do is have 26/30 babies, make most of them football players and perhaps throw out a couple of Mourinhos, and we're set for life ... I can practically smell it (the money, not the diapers) :) easy money and no two ways about it :) ... I just hope my children never read this ;) ... just kidding :D