The Creative Saga

And here I thought it would never end ... but it did :) . From the start, I walk-a-lot :) , a part of my daily 3 hour (at least) spendage on getting from home to work (add another 60 m when I head down to school) is done by foot :) which is great for ones health but it get's a bit boring so I decided I needed some company, in music terms. Somewhere around the house I have a CD player that errrr plays MP3 errr cds :D , but having to burn the cd's and the size of the thing makes it unpractical to walk around with so I turned to some newer stuff (not too new, mind you).

Obviously the iPod was lurking, but not only is the thing too trendy for words ... it has a price tag as high as the trendiness, so I started of with a Creative MUVO v200 1Gb FM/Mp3 player , which looked great because it was really small, it had 1GB which could be used as a PenDrive and it had an FM receiver (a pity Nokia Series 60 doesn't have it - at least my previous two didn't :) ) (ohhh and iPod seems to be getting some FM as well soon enough) but anyway, radio is a great thing to have nearby for all accounts and was one of the features I really wanted.

So I went ahead and got myself one of those, opened it, put the battery in, got the headphones to my ears, turn the damn thing on and ... beeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppp ............ I had just bought a mosquito impersonator and what's worse, not everyone can detect this problem ... great, this meant returning the damn thing would be troublesome (for a few reasons I couldn't just trade the thing directly, it had to be tested). Cutting the story short, and after having to insist that there was indeed a problem with the device that only a few people could hear I called the place and .... they declared it broken :) so I went to get a new unit ... needless to say that the new unit had the same problem :) and they don't refund, they just credit the money so I took a look at the Creative Zen Micro and bought one of those at a very nice price, and this one doesn't mosquito me away and has 5gb, radio et all so I guess I'm a happy guy :) ... but we'll see if it works as it's supposed to ... and maybe it's hackable enough to allow some extra fun :).