Useful stuff to remember ... (MS Windows related)

Just to remind myself :)

  • MakeMSI - Make MSI based installation files - If you have a nice Active Directory to take care of, and a few thousand clients begging (not really) for new software, this might come in handy. I use it to prepare standard .exe setup files for Software Installation via GPO. Word of advice, really test your scripts, use VM's (they help a lot ;) ), try the install and uninstall parts and ....well, deploy it, works like a charm :) . In my case, I have 18 sites throughout the country, one DC in each site, so I've assigned policies to each site and replicated the installation directories to the servers (mental note: write that damn sync script :) ) and apparently things are working fine and dandy, most people don't even notice the instalattion.
  • Speaking of syncronyzing/copying files in Windows, Robocopy is a pretty nice tool (part of the Resource Kit, you can Mirror directories, copy ACL's, everything, nice to keep around.
  • One reference site for looking up commands is mr. Simon Sheppard's website, very nice :)
  • And because Windows actually has command line stuff, this is/might be very very useful - Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line