My debian choice ...

... was aparently the correct one, thanks to mr. GHFH's advices and according to this online Distro test, I have the one that suits me best :) .. nice

Your ideal distro is:

  • Built for newer computers
  • More technical to learn off of
  • Installed with a console installer
  • Only installed with a base system
  • One that detects your hardware for you
  • Packed with many choices for an application
  • Functional as a live CD
  • Full of the latest and greatest features that may take up processing power
  • Binary package based
  • Free from dependancy hell
  • Windows/Macintosh like in GUI Nature

Debian scored 9/11 [81%] (no Pune or Play on Words - as Ankh
say - intended). Go on, take the test and post the results here ... why don'tcha

Since I'm at it you don't you Keep an Eye on Distros (like Debian)

Oh, and By the Way :

Which Ankh-Morpork City Watch Character are YOU?

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