To-do list

Well, I thought I put this down in words to see if I could conceive a plan ... of some kind :) . There are some things I would like to do, and who knows, maybe someone is interest in helping .. or at least, maybe someone is interested on the outcome of things :) ... either way, I'm putting them here ;)

  • Finish my MySQLi part of my own database abstraction layer. (I do know there are many many implementations but I'm doing one anyway, eehehehe)
  • Upgrade PiperLog to use the previously spoken layer :)
  • Write a plugin to connect to my newly found (thank you Fl├ívio :) ) AudioScrobbler account rss feed and turn it to a useful WP-Plugin
  • Do the same to my Flickr photos
  • Stop using Flickr :D and develop my own gallery
  • Stop using WordPress :D :D and develop my own CMS (crossing it with a nicer wiki) OR ... work on/with wordpress , this one sounds much better but it's just harder ... or not
  • Setup my family's website, and find a way to have a central profile that I could use to connect this and my other future sites ... and maybe convince my friends to do the same ... who knows :)
  • Install Debian (as advised by my friend GHFG) :) on my laptop and reduce Windows use to the minimum
  • Find a nicer way to do TO-DO lists
  • Build my SocialWebSiteAboutRecipies
  • Have enought kids to populate the Senior Benfica Football Squad
  • Try to do something more for democracy than to vote every four years
  • Help my friends be happier beings :) and help them with their own ideas and projects
  • Conquer the world
  • Conquer the solar system
  • Conquer the bloody universe
  • Think of more things to do
  • Actually do something

Too much? Being to stupid for words?? Dreaming too much??? Drop a line saying so :)