Election day (T-2 days)

Huuuuuuuuuu, aren’t we happy and excited :) , the country’s future is here and it’s up to us to shape it … or is it ? As usual the pools have announced the winner (our own philosopher Socrates and his PS party are going to win with at least 45% and then it’s a 31%+8%+8%+6% division) , and now all we have to do is do what the pools tells us to do … I wounder how people will know were to vote …. haaa well, most of the people I’ve been talking to don’t thing the future government will last the full 4 years so pooling companies won’t be out of work any time soon :) .

Along our usual list of parties, we have those likely to linger along to misterious oblivion for one reason or the other. Anyway, here's the list so you can make an informed jugdement :

Also, some guys with opinion, or something ... :

Anyway, monday everything will change, better things will come, etc etc, and we won't have to worry with politics for some time ... and still, everything is about our country and eventually our lives, but my question is, is voting in an election all we (the people :) ) get to do (apart from civil war :) ) ?? There should be (is there already?) better ways to get involved in a country's life (apart from paying taxes that is ) , there should be ways to try new ideas, to bring people closer to politics (not showbiz, real politics, real decision making ) , maybe I should be free to choose where my taxes go, maybe we should have more referendums, maybe bad ideas shouldn't be allowed to find a way to the law .... but how ? Drop a line if you have any ideas :) I sure will, this is my blog after all :).