PiperLog - Update (0.2)

A minor update to pave way for future features. I basically changed the database and the script to break the Referer URL into the small pieces it is made of. The big issue here is to improve referer data separation to help future processing and so on.

I realise that a maximum of two people (the number of downloads I have logged :) ) might use this (by chance) but hey, I share it anyway :) . If it's a first time installation you're fine, follow the instructions provided inside, if you're upgrading just alter the table to hold the new columns (I promise I'll put an update.sql file on my next .... upgrade :) ) .

Now here it is , you moment of Zen .... errrrrrr ... the file :) : PiperLog 0.2

If you (yes, you :) ) actually download and use this please please, oh please let me know :) I'd be much obliged :)