Heyyyy I actually finished something ...

First of all, when someone says "Hey, I finished _SOMETHING_", you'll probably give a strange look to the guy ... in this case me :) , but please, DON'T MENTION IT ... I get very sentimental about this ... snif snif.

Ok, so what did I do then? One class :), yes, one WHOLE CLASS ... is this something to cheer about? I think not, but hey, let me amuse myself, no one ever reads this anyway, so I might as well enjoy myself :p . Now, in order to complete the class I had to write a project work, one that I pompously called "Software Development : a personal experience using PHP" and it sucks, I couldn't talk about "Software development" in it's full scope for the life of me, and of PHP ... I say very little :) . And again, in general terms it pretty much sucks BUT, and mind you this is a very big BUT (no pun intended), I ask that you read it calmly and actually drop a line saying "I agree .. it sucks", and for that I would personally thank you :).

Now, I shall work a bit, but here is the so called "Project Work" : Software development : A personal experience using PHP