piperLog 0.0000001 beta

One day this was bound to happen, me actually sharing something that, imagine, works .... I think :) ANYWAY, this is a petit script I am experimenting with to make Apache log accesses to the database. The ideia is to pipe the damn thing to a process, in this case the PHP script.

The usefulness? I like to have access to the logs in the form of database tables, easier to analyze, query, whatever, also I can access the data in "real time" without having to tail it :). But enough of this, you can download the script from the link bellow, and inside the zip file, I have etc/readme that sort of explains things to you, in a minimalistic way :) but this is the first pre-make-it-alpha-beta release and with time and feedback things will improve :)

ENOUGH TALK, here is the file : PiperLog

I really really hope this is useful and I really really hope some feedback might come in :)

Now, this came up as a need I had, and also as something that could work without too much hassle, and I have been using this since (2003-01-23 23:54:45) ... wow ... that's a long time ago :) go figure, ANYWAY, this is embarrassing but I wanted to share this and maybe make someones Apache more useful ... I guess :)

Right, now, and finally, I did search for similar stuff and I found this guy that seems very different in is take on the life of the script (mine tries to live forever :) with an while( 1 == 1 ) sort of deal .. .don't worry, he kills himself and actually waits(250) to prevent dying processors ... but that's the thing that needs testing ) .. anyway, check him out, maybe it's better suited :)