• A couple (more or less) of (it's not all illegal stuff ) that might be of interest : Science Box, Code Box and Photo Box (cool pictures here or here)
  • Since I'm on the subject of pictures, I like PhotoSIG a lot, although I don't think people like my gallery that much :)
  • On a different subject, and since the last few posts have been written in english (for no apparent reason, I might add), here is something I should be mindful about (mindful of?) and make and effort to improve ... my written english and the correct use of punctuation ... and while you're at it, play the game [Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation, couldn't be a Xmas gift :) could it?] :)
  • And now, something I should have found before most of my gifts were bought :), the would-you-believe-it's-Japanese PePaKuRa Designer, or as one may also call it, the return-to-the-kiddie-school-glory-days :) check it out, and check the gallery, I'm trying to build this one here (I anticipate great effort and little reward ... still, one tries)