After a long break, a long list of links ... :)

Yeah boys and girls who actually read this (thank you Flá :) ), it's time to add the monthly (ha ha) post, and nothing easier (not joking here) than a nice linkorama list (that's what I have time for :| ) , so, here it is :

  • Car technology and then some more ...
  • BabyStyle
  • LEGO Logic ... man, I wish I had thought of this when I was making my 3 breadboard 20 (or 30 ... 40 ) chip led Ping-Pong game :) life would be so much more ..... something, check out the rest of his LEGOWorks
  • He's calling it a Complete Waste of Time, and since I'm a big fan of wasting time, I decided to share it (always nice to remember Lemmings)
  • We want you ... to spend a lifetime at airports going BLIP and BLING [you go Link]