Shadow of the Tomb Raider

When they rebooted the Tomb Raider series they went for a more realistic , raw experience. Away with the cartoonish action, this feels real - well, video game real of course . Lara suffers injuries, gruesome deaths, has to crawl through holes, darkness, underwater rivers, you name it, it probably covers a good few phobias. Then there’s the locations, islands, icy mountains, lush valleys - can’t wait for Desert Tomb Raider - everything gorgeous, which is great, because there’s a brilliant Photo Mode in it - at least in the latest one, I don’t remember the others very well.

The absolute best thing about the Photo Mode is that you can change Lara’s face and body expression - even on .. sorry, ESPECIALLY on the cinematic scenes - and it’s great, GREAT fun as you can adapt the screenshots to match your personality a bit (if you make it to the polaroid ones … welcome to David) :) - enjoy